The Dome is delighted to announce the return of our "Street Soccer" night.  The "Street Soccer" program is a pick-up style event with minimal instruction to allow for small-sided games in a 3v3 to 6v6 format.  Players are encouraged to bring friends and enjoy 60 minutes of soccer during this 6-week program.  Come and play with different kids every week and win some great prizes!  Our "Street Soccer" is open to any and all players that are U8 - U14.  It is a great, informal way to play the Beautiful Game!
Our staff will set up the games each week and the conditions for playing.  Our staff provides supervision and allows the players to just play.  We allow the game to be the teacher!  
The main goal for this program is for the kids to have as much fun as possible in a very informal setting.  The more fun kids experience, the more they wish to play on their own.  While a child's instinct to play is natural, their love and appreciation for soccer must be cultivated.
Summer Schedule:  7/17, 7/31, 8/7, 8/14, 8/21 and 8/28
Cost:  $10 per player to drop in.
Day:  Monday's
Time:  5:00pm - U8 & U10, 6:30pm - U12 & U14
Gender:  Boys and Girls

This clinic offers players of all ages and abilities the opportunity to both develop and refine their level of technical proficiency. Through engaging in a variety of different ball mastery and ball manipulation exercises players receive well in advance of 600 touches on the ball during their hour of practice.

Practice is structured to allow players the chance to acquire comfort on the ball through exposure to: Juggling, Ball Mastery Skills, Fakes, Turns and 1v1 moves before being given the opportunity to apply said moves in competitive situations. We use 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 exercises to give all players plenty of opportunity and repetition to display real bravery on the ball in a safe secure environment.

Full Time program director Greg Visinho alongside of Dome staff run the program ensuring a high ratio of coaches to players are present.


Day & Time:  Wednesday's 5:00pm-6:00pm

Ages:  8-12 year olds

Cost:   $90

Session 1:  Fall of 2017









This clinic is designed to improve a players overall speed, quickness, coordination and balance with and without the ball.  The clinic will implement techniques to improve the players’ explosive power in all directions. For example, it will not only focus on linear movement patterns but will also include training the players’ lateral movement, diagonal reverse as well as vertical movements as soccer is a multi directional game. Thus, each players’ ability to move at speed in all directions and environments will be enhanced.

Full Time program director Greg Visinho alongside of Dome staff run the program ensuring a high ratio of coaches to players are present,.


Day & Time:  TBD

Ages: 10-14 year olds

Dates:  TBD

Cost:  TBD